Sun 11.7. at 13.00
Sun 11.7. at 16.00
  • Performative art
  • Free Entry
Kauppakeskus Forum, 2. kerros, Jyväskylä


Free entry

Veli Lehtovaara ja esiintyjät (choreography), Erik Eriksson (SE), Kevin Fay (US), Elias Girod, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Anni Koskinen, Sofia Simola, Veli Lehtovaara (dance), Jani Hietanen (sound design), Piia Rinne (costume design), Riitta Nykänen (guide and narrator), SpaceTimeLove in collaboration with Arts Management Helsinki (production)

Commercial forestry has left our old-growth forests as fragmented, which also means the loss of natural diversity. I K I | METSÄ combines dance and audio art, and explores man’s relationship with nature and forests by leading the audience on an imaginary journey that intertwines ancient virgin forests and the urban milieu of a shopping centre.

The creators and performers of the show have worked in the old-growth forests of Hyrynsalmi and Puolanka in 2019-21, with the guidance of environmental educator Riitta Nykänen.