Sat 10.7. at 19.00
  • Music
Taulumäen kirkko, Jyväskylä

UMUU: John Cage – Ryoanji (1985)

Tickets 30/28/20 € | Duration approx. 60 min


UMUU Ensemble: Darren Acosta, Lassi Kari, Hanna Kinnunen, Juho Laitinen

Ryoanji, composed by John Cage, draws its inspiration from a Zen Buddhist rock garden situated in Kyoto. Through the glissandos of solo instruments and the repetitive rhythms of the percussion instruments, the piece paints musical pictures of precisely placed stones and the meticulously raked gravel.

UMUU, known for their interpretations of John Cage and Christian Wolff’s music among other things, functions as a part of the Tulkinnanvaraista forum which advocates for experimental music and ethically and socially sustainable art. The forum is led by multi-instrumentalist, composer and scholar Juho Laitinen.